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Jerusalem, 14 December 2016
John Langan, SDB

Our topographical trip took the first-year students, led by Fr. Leopold Vonck, to the Tower of David Museum located just inside Jaffa Gate in the Old City. The Museum itself is built within the remains of a fortified part of the Old City Wall. This location was first built upon by King Hezekiah and then renovated and reconstructed throughout its lifetime by Herod the Great, Crusaders during the 12th century, a Mamluk Sultan and even by the Ottomans.

As we walked through the rooms and halls of the museum we learned about the many events of the last 4,000 years in Jerusalem. From its earliest beginnings as a city during the Canaanite Period, into the Israelite development, the various civilizations that have conquered Jerusalem, and finally up to the modern-day state of Israel. It was an excellent opportunity to begin to understand the complex history we are living in as we begin our theological studies.

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