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The STS Football Tournament


27 April 2016, STS – Jerusalem
Mathew Kurian, SDB


After many nail-biting moments and tough battles, the ‘Matthew’ Team was victorious in the STS football tournament, obtaining nine winning points. Hervé, the team captain, scored five goals in an outstanding performance. 

The much-awaited STS football tournament was held on Wednesday afternoon in the Kraft Family Stadium, Jerusalem.  Four teams named after the four evangelists – Mathew, Mark, Luke and John – came face to face with one another in various encounters, brimming with excitement and passion. Each team played against the rest of the other three teams for 25 minutes each. The winning team in each match obtained three points, whereas when it ended in a draw, each team carried one point each. 

Encouragement and cheers poured out from among the spectators as a great number of the STS staff came to watch the games. Everyone in unison, acknowledged and appreciated the initiative and organization of Chege Erastus (the student representative of STS) along with his collaborators. Despite a few cases of minor injuries, all the students were delighted with the opportunity to come together and play.

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