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Model of Herodian Jerusalem, Shrine of the Book


Jerusalem, 27 October, 2016
Samwel Sagut, sdb


The new students of STS had an opportunity to visit the Israel Museum during another topographical visit under the guidance of Dr Leopold Vonck, M.Afr.  On the way, before reaching the museum, he showed us the valley where the tree of the cross had grown and where later the ancient Monastery of the cross was built.


In the museum we saw the model of Herodian Jerusalem, which gives the general view of Jerusalem in the time of Herod the Great.  The model presents well the ancient walls, the ancient city of David and residence for the poor and the rich, theatre and the Temple.  Dr Vonck explained the history of the city and the changes it passed through.


Then we visited the Shrine of the Book where we saw the oldest scroll of the book of Isaiah, the Aleppo codex and many other ancient manuscripts.  The Museum’s 50th anniversary is marked by a new exhibition of a Nano chip, the size of a sugar grain, on which the entire Bible is inscribed.


In the archaeology wing, we were enriched by the good presentation of man’s development and different ancient tools. We saw a collection of art from various countries which present cultural diversity; everybody was trying to find out the presentation from his/her own country.


The visit to the museum was a good lesson concerning historical and Biblical factors, thanks to Dr Leopold Vonck, M.Afr.  for his inspiring explanations.

Israel Museum

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