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Jerusalem, 9 September 2016
Rodil Padilla Lladones, SDB

Today the new theology students of the Salesian Pontifical University, Faculty of Theology –Jerusalem Campus had their induction programme at the STS Academic Suite. Rev. Dr Biju Michael, SDB, STS President welcomed the new students and introduced to the assembly the speaker of the day. The incoming first year students come from different parts of the world (North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe). Among the students, eight are Salesians of Don Bosco, two from the White Fathers Congregation, one from the diocese of Munich Germany and one religious sister. Fr. Andrew Wong, SDB, Rector of the Salesian Monastery in Ratisbonne, welcomed and delivered a short inspirational message to the new students regarding the importance of studying theology in connection to the real situation of the society. After which, Rev. Sr. Angela Ridout, SJA, STS Registrar asked the new students to introduce themselves to the assembly. She then provided the list of necessary requirements and documents for enrolment in the university.

Rev. Fr. Lionel Goh, OFM, presented a brief history of the Holy Land. Fr. Lionel offered to the new students some important and significant information regarding the past and the present situation both for the religious and political facets of the Holy Land. The new students were both challenged and awed by the talk of Fr. Lionel. Then, the assembly had a short break where some refreshments were served which was immediately followed by a photo shoot around the campus which was facilitated by Bro. Matthew, a third year theology student. Then, Rev. Dr Biju Michael, SDB STS President, facilitated the final hour of the induction programme. Fr. Biju began by sharing the life of St. John Bosco as seminarian studying theology and later as founder of one of the most renowned Catholic Religious Congregations all over the world to stress the theme “As the Seminarian, so the Priest”. Likewise, Fr. Biju presented to the new students the notion of Spirituality of study. This spirituality requires discipline, hard work and grace. The conclusion of his talk was dedicated to presenting a general view of the curriculum of the Faculty of Theology, the academic authorities of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, the staff and members of the faculty of the Jerusalem Campus and the diploma courses offered by the campus to both ordinary and extraordinary students. He also gave words of encouragement in order for each new student to better appreciate this wonderful and precious opportunity of studying theology in the Holy Land. The orientation ended with a short prayer lead by Fr. Biju himself.



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