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Visit to the Yshurun Synagogue and Shalom Hartman Institute


Jerusalem, 28 September 2016
Samwel Severin Sagut, sdb

On 28th September 2016, afternoon the new students of the STS had a chance to visit Yeshurun Central Synagogue and Shalom Hartman Institute.

Dr. Marcie Lenk, the Director of the Christian Leadership Programme at Shalom Hartman Institute was the guide for the whole visit.  We started our visit in the Yeshurun Central Synagogue, Dr. Marcie Lenk explained to the students about the history of the Synagogue, the features as well as the mode of liturgical celebration.

From Yeshrun Central Synagogue we went to Shalom Hartman Institute, where Dr. Marcie Lenk works. There we entered in the Study House, which resembles a normal library. Dr. Marcie Lenk said that it is not really a library because in the library people observe silence but in the Study House people study in pairs and when one is reading (loud) the other one is listening. There are also moments of questioning and discussion. Therefore, there is noise in the Study House.

We were lucky to see the Torah Scroll, which is used in the community. Dr. Marcie Lenk opened it and chanted few verses.

It was a nice and enriching experience for us all, since for most of us it was the first time to enter in a Synagogue and to see a Torah Scroll.

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