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1 February 2017, STS - Jerusalem
SESAY Samuel Sorie

On 1 February 2017, the STS, released a book on the Holy Shroud, written by one of our outstanding professors, Dr Joan Maria Vernet sdb. The book is titled “La Sindone: Itinerario geografico e storico” THE HOLY SHROUD: THE GEOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL ITINERARY. This book, about the Shroud of Turin, has been published by LAS-ROMA, of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome at the beginning of this year 2017.

The first part of the book endeavours to explain the value of the Holy Shroud and the veneration it had along the centuries. Some questions regarding the authenticity of the Holy relic are addressed with much historical evidence.

The second part of the book illustrates the journey of the Holy Shroud from Jerusalem to Pella of the Decapolis and then to Edessa in Syria where the Shroud remained the longest time, around 850 years, and later it reached Constantinople. The third part of the book illustrates the journey of the Shroud from Constantinople to Athens, Ray Sur Saone, Lirey, Chambery and the final destination in Turin. The continuity of the Shroud throughout this long journey lasted 16 centuries. The book indicates with care the different dates in the different periods of time.

The content of the book is indisputably enriching for Christian faith and knowledge. Based on the fact that the book is a product of historical research, it contains much documentation, dates, and a description of the journey of the Holy Shroud from one place to another, with details of how it was venerated during the different periods. Eventually, the book asks a fundamental question: is the Shroud of Turin the same Mandilion (as it was called) that was revered in Edessa? The answer the book presents is an absolute ‘YES’.





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