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BERHE Girmay Hailu, sdb



02 June 2017, STS Jerusalem

ROGUS APPUGE Gayan Indika, sdb

After having gathered together knowledge on various Theological doctrines for four years, on the 2nd of June 2017, Br. Girmay Hailu Berhe defended his Theological synthesis, “The Paschal Mystery as Celebrated in the Church’s Life and Worship, with particular reference to Eastern Liturgical Traditions.” He defended his synthesis in front of three panelists namely; Fr. Biju Michael, SDB (President of the STS), Fr. Bill Russell (Tutor for the defense) and Fr. Moses Wanjala, SDB (Reader for the defense).

He began his 10 minutes presentation saying that the main purpose of writing his synthesis was to deepen his knowledge about the Easter Liturgy. His work was divided into three main chapters; he gave a systematic summary of each chapter. In the first chapter, he presented the historical aspect of the Paschal Mystery that originated in the Old Testament and was fulfilled in the New. In the second chapter, he talked about the liturgical celebration of the Paschal Mystery in the Church worship. In his last chapter he discussed about the Christian life, as witness to the death and Resurrection of Christ.

The first examiner of the panel was Fr. Bill Russell, his guide. He congratulated him for his efforts and the hard work to write this Theological synthesis and to integrate various Theological topics.  Fr. Bill asked the following question, how do we integrate the theme of Mary and the unity in the life of the Church? He expounded the answer by saying that the unifying factors are the obedience, faith and the witness of Mary as found in the Scriptures.

The second examiner was Fr. Moses Wanjala, SDB reader of the synthesis. He praised the student for his hard work to come up with this synthesis, which was presented with various Theological topics such as Christology, Mariology, Eschatology, Liturgy etc. Nevertheless, he asked Grimay to explain about, how the Ethiopian Church through the Sacraments and Paschal Mystery witness to God’s Liberation? He explained his position using Sunday Holy Eucharist and Fasting. 

Lastly, Fr. Biju Michael SDB raised the following questions. Bearing in mind the universality of the salvation, why the new Roman Missal replaced the word ‘All’ with ‘Many’? The second question was to explain why in the liturgy, drums, rhythms, dances are different from the ones used in regular life. He was able to give comprehensive answers to the questions which were raised. The principal concluded reading some quotations which he found interesting and aroused the curiosity of the audience to read the synthesis.

After a short recess, the Principal announced that Br. Girmay Hailu, SDB, had successfully earned the Bachelor of Theology degree.  Girmay is expected to be ordained this year to the Order of the Diaconate in Ethiopia.



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