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Deacon Huang Long-Hsuan, SDB



1 June 2017, STS Jerusalem
LLADONES Rodil Padilla, sdb

Today is the fourth day of the Baccalaureate Synthesis defense of the students of the STS Jerusalem Campus. At 10:30 am, Deacon Huang Long-Hsuan, SDB began to defended his Synthesis entitled, “Being Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction” (BENEDICT XVI, DEUS CARITAS EST 1) meeting Christ in the scriptures, in the sacraments and in new cultural and pastoral contexts”. The panel examining the synthesis of Deacon Philip were Rev. Fr Biju Michael, sdb (President of STS); Rev. Fr Pier Gianni Caputa, sdb (Tutor for the Defense) and Rev. Fr. Matthew Coutinho, sdb, (Reader for the Defense). The President Fr Biju Michael began by giving a welcome to students and staff present as well as stating the procedure for the defense. Deacon Philip led the assembly in prayer. Then, Deacon Philip gave a 10-minute presentation of his synthesis by thanking his tutor and the principal as well as mentioning his motivation and inspiration in writing his synthesis. In a nutshell, he summarized the three chapters wherein he shows first, the importance of the Scripture as the focal point of encounter with God, the second chapter deals on the primacy of the sacraments as another real source and visible encounter with God predominantly on the Eucharist; and the third chapter deals with the mission in new cultural and pastoral contexts as another source of encounter with God.

 The first examiner on the defense was Rev. Fr Gianni Caputa sdb, the tutor who commented the different facet of the paper such as the method, content, objective and subjective indication. Fr. Gianni also commented both the strength and weakness of the paper. He congratulated the student for a commendable work. The question asked was about the way the Church as Mother and Teacher prepares both the catechumens and neophytes for the sacraments of Christian Initiation through the catechism of St. Cyril and St. Ambrose. To which Deacon Philip answered by emphasizing the word “Mystagogical” and through the writings of these Fathers of the Church.

The second examiner on the defense was Rev. Fr. Matthew Coutinho, sdb, the reader who credited the student for his good theological synthesis on the topic of the encounter of God in the Scriptures, the Sacraments and Mission. He mentioned the key important aspect of the synthesis. After mentioning both the positive and negative quality of the synthesis the reader posed reflective and practical questions to the student: "Mary is the masterpiece of the Trinity, Mother of the Word Incarnate and mother of the Church, sign of hope for pilgrim humanity." Which uses the theme of 'encounter with Christ' as the focus; trace elements of this encounter in the life and vocation of Mary and draw out some pastoral consequences for Christian witness in contemporary society. To which, Deacon Philip convincingly answered that the “FIAT” of Mary summing up everything. The “yes” of Mary is the beginning of this encounter with the Trinity. The relationship of Mary to her Son Jesus was strongly emphasized.

Lastly, Fr Biju Michael, asked questions based on the synthesis on how to change the mentality of the people especially those who received the Sacrament of the Eucharist thinking that it is something rather than someone, a Person. Deacon Philip responded stressing that the Word of God should be underlined before encountering Jesus in the Eucharist. According to Deacon Philip as a priest to be, through Catechism, Bible Study aside from homilies and other opportunity in the parish these are some of the very best way in ensuring a change in mentality about the Eucharist.

 After a short break, the Bachelor of Theology defense panel met and Rev Dr Biju Michael sdb read the declaration on behalf of the Church and the Pontifical University that Deacon Huang Long-Hsuan, SDB successfully concludes his Bachelors of Theology degree.

We congratulate him on his completion of the degree for the Bachelors in Theology and   Deacon Huang is expected to be ordained next year to the Order of the Presbyterate in Taiwan.
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