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CHU Paul Phuoc Trong, SDB



03/06/2017, STS Jerusalem
Neuhaus, André Luiz sdb

On the morning of June 3, 2017, Deacon Paul Phuoc Trong Chu defended his Theological synthesis entitled, “Theology of the Good Shepherd: Jesus the gate that leads to abundant life; Christ, the Good Shepherd who knows his sheep and lays down his life for them; the Son of God who unites humanity into one flock, the Church. The panel that examined Paul’s work were Rev. Fr. Michel Biju, SDB (President of STS); Rev. Fr. William Russell, M.Afr. (Tutor for the Defense) and Rev. Fr. Karol Kulpa, SDB (Reader for the Defense).

In his ten 10-minute presentation, Deacon Paul Chu could explore the three chapters of his written synthesis: In Chapter 1 he explains about the Gate that represents Jesus as the entrance into the Trinitarian life. In Chapter 2 he expounded the Good Shepherd who represents the constant presence of Christ among humanity. In Chapter 3 he expounded about the Church, the culmination of the mission and the work of the Son of God.

The first examiner on the defense panel was Fr. William Russell, M. Afr., tutor of Deacon Paul. He congratulated him for his precise use of methodology, the employing of the main important theological treatises and for the deep level of his content. Afterwards, Fr. Russell made a threefold question about how can the bishops be helped in their Ministry of Shepherds since it is one aspect of the whole church mission? What are the implications of the Church to be called to be the Good Shepherd of the whole of humanity? What does it mean to be a church “for others”? The student Paul Chu answered these questions based on the documents of the Second Vatican Council and Amoris Laetitia.

The second examiner on the defense was Fr. Karol Kulpa, SDB, the reader credited Deacon Paul for his adequate use of theological language and his competence to use mainly primary sources. Then, Father Kulpa made a practical question about the topic of reception of Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried people. The student Paul Chu answered highlighting the importance of the discernment in these cases and quoting Familiaris Consortio and Amoris Laetitia.

Finally, Fr. Michel Biju, SDB, President of the defense panel, asked some questions about the role of the Holy Spirit in drawing the human being to God even before the incarnation of Christ and the essential aspects of the priesthood. After the break, Deacon Paul Phuoc Trong Chu was awarded with the Bachelor of Theology degree by the members of the panel. He is expected to be ordained to the Order of Priesthood on 24th of June 2017 in New York, United States.






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