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Deacon  VU Duc Huan Giuseppe, sdb


29 May 2017, STS Jerusalem
FERNANDO Jude Nevil, sdb

On the 29 May 2017 at 3.00 pm, Deacon  VU Duc Huan Giuseppe, sdb began to defended his thesis entitled "The Paschal Mystery is the core of the Christian life. The true disciple, proclaiming his faith in the Risen Lord, according to God's eternal plan, and living it as a personal experience with the community, becomes a witness and apostle of Christ". The panel examining the thesis of Deacon VU Duc Huan Giuseppe were Rev. Fr Biju Michael sdb (President of STS); Rev. Fr Pier Giorgio Gianazza sdb (Tutor for the Defence) and Rev. Fr Coutinho Matthew sdb (Reader for the Defence).

After the brief introduction by Rev. Fr. Biju Michael sdb (President of STS), the candidate was given 10 min. to present his thesis. In his presentation, Dn. Huan explained how paschal mystery becomes the centre of Christian life. The Jewish paschal mystery (the covenant between God and Israel) followed by Christ’s paschal mystery (Christ’s crucifixion, death and resurrection) mark the climax of the salvific plan of God. According to Dn. Huan, this salvific work throws light on the mystery of Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world. Moreover, the Eucharistic celebration on Sunday commemorates Christ’s Paschal event and Christ’s glorious resurrection which is the foundation of Christian faith and the sacraments.

The first examiner on the defence panel was Rev. Fr Pier Giorgio Gianazza sdb (Tutor for the Defence); he expressed his gratitude to Dn. Huan for choosing this topic and developing it systematically. Furthermore, he asserted Christ and Christology as the centre of this paper and congratulated the student for using important sources (Scripture, magisterial sources, theological sources etc.). Basing on 2nd Chapter, Fr. Gianazza asked Dn. Huan to substantiate ecumenical view on the seven sacraments in celebrating the paschal mystery. In answer, Dn. Huan explained different views of the ecumenical churches on sacraments and how these views interrelate or contrast with the opinion of the Catholic Church.

The next examiner, Fr Coutinho Matthew sdb, appreciated the paradigm of the paschal mystery which Dn. Huan employed to explain the central elements of Catholic theology. Moreover, Fr. Coutinho asked Dn. Huan to explain the role of the paschal mystery in Christian spiritual and moral life. Huan answered by saying that the Christian moral life and spiritual life are two dimensions of Christian life in relating to God and neighbour. Therefore, the paschal mystery should help Christians to live fully these two dimensions based on love.

Eventually, Fr. Biju Michael sdb asked some questions on participation in the paschal mystery, the real presence in the Eucharist (Ecumenical point of view), theological studies and Clericalism and the similarities between Christ’s body and soul and human body and soul relating to mortal death and eternal life.  After a short recess, the Bachelor of Theology defence panel met and awarded deacon VU Duc Huan Giuseppe SDB, with the Bachelor of Theology degree. Deacon Huan is expected to be ordained next year to the Order of the Presbyterate in Vietnam.

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