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ELWEU David, M.Afr.


30 May 2017, STS Jerusalem
LUPI Andrea, sdb

On the morning of May 30, 2017, Deacon Elweu David defended his Bachelor of Theology synthesis at Studium Theologicum Salesianum in Jerusalem. The title of his thesis was: “The completion of God’s saving plan: Creation, Adam’s fall, the restoration in Christ, the human response to God’s call, the foretaste of the Divine communion in the Church, the fulfillment in Heaven”. The members of the panel examining the thesis were, Rev. Biju Michael, SDB, President, Rev. William Russel M.Afr. (Tutor) and Rev. Matthew Coutinho, SDB, who served as a Reader.

At the beginning, Deacon David made a 10 minutes presentation of his Synthesis. The work, presenting the Saving Plan of God, was articulated in three Chapters. The first chapter dealt with the Creation of God and the Fall caused by sin. Second chapter explained how in Jesus Christ Humanity and Creation were restored. The Church, New Eve, is called to join in this reality with an active cooperation. Chapter three examined the fulfilment of the saving plan of God with the new Heaven and new Earth, the eschatological reality towards which the world is moving.

The first examiner on the defence panel was Fr. William Russel, M.Afr., tutor of deacon David. He expressed his appreciation for the diligent work of the deacon, who in his thesis managed to present a wide topic in a coherent and methodologically correct fashion. Fr. Russel, then, asked about the relationship between Theology and Science in today’s effort to deal with cosmological questions like the origin and the end of the world. In the answer, deacon David, after a brief survey of the historical development and controversies between the two approaches, explained how the Church, attentive to the Holy Spirit, has been able to receive the contributions given by the Scientific world. The student was able to explain the different levels at which Theology and Science stand in the effort to understand Cosmology in the light of Revelation.

The next examiner, Fr. Matthew Coutinho, SDB, acknowledged the ability of Deacon David to make good use of the several theological treatises in his effort to deepen the understanding of God’s salvation plan. The student was asked to explain the reality of Ecumenical Dialogue and Inter-religious dialogue in the context of his topic. Deacon David, making a fruitful use of the Conciliar Document Unitatis Redintegratio, showed how the communion to which Ecumenical Dialogue is leading the Christians is undoubtedly one of the fruits of the Spirit that signify, although still imperfectly, the fulfilment of the new Heavens and new Earth. On the other side, Inter-religious dialogue was addressed by Deacon David in the light of the Fathers’ Magisterium, especially Ireneaus’ thesis of the Logoi spermatikoi.

Lastly, Fr. Biju Michael, SDB, President of the defence panel asked few questions to clarify the role of Baptism in the divine plan of salvation, its necessity and the destiny of non-baptized people in the plan mentioned. After a short break, the members of the panel awarded deacon David Elweu, M.Afr., with the Bachelor of Theology degree.

Deacon David is expected to be ordained to the Order of the Presbyterate on 13th of July 2017 in Uganda.
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