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4 May 2017   -    STS - Jerusalem
TURA Alemayehu Bedassa


On 4 May 2017 at STS – Jerusalem, ZAHRA ASAD RAJA presented her reflection on “A MUSLIM LIFE-IN-PROGRESS”. Zahra Azad Raja was born in England and raised in Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Kenya. After graduating from the Heritage School in Harare, she moved to the Middle East to learn Arabic and Modern Hebrew, and to pursue a degree in Islamic Studies at the University of Jordan in Amman. She then returned to England to read Theology and Religious Studies at Exeter College, Oxford.

ZAHRA ASAD RAJA stared her reflection basing on three important topics in Islam. They are: Quran, the prophetic tradition of Gabriel, and Junayd on Imam Ali. At the beginning of the presentation, she narrated about her life story as a student, volunteer and as a religious (Sufi). According to her, every genuine Muslim has to pay special attention to the Quran in order to understand the very core message of Islam.
Islamic tradition presents a deep reflection about Mind, Body and Soul. Therefore, one has to seek the truth amidst economic, political and cultural challenges.  Moreover, we have to pay the cost of being religious. According to her there is a dichotomy between theoretical knowledge and inner world. Yet one has to discover God by being obedient to Him and serving Him in a better way. The moral and religious norms of a particular religion show, how one has to live in the world and discover his or her inner being. Thus, our religious life and commitment should be part of our soul not only part of our thought. 

After her Presentation, Ms. ZAHRA ASAD RAJA took up some questions from the STS students. Finally, the Master of Ceremonies, BUDNY Jaroslaw sdb thanked Ms. Zahra for her interesting presentation.
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