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David's Tower TOPOGRAPHICAL VISIT TO THE TOWER OF DAVID: Our topographical trip took the first-year students, led by Fr. Leopold Vonck, to the Tower of David Museum located just inside Jaffa Gate in the Old City. The Museum itself is built within the remains of a fortified part of the Old City Wall. more
Yeshiva School St. Saba Monastery, St. Theodosius Monastery and Kathisma: Our quest for knowledge never comes to a standstill, the human being always seeks to know and discover. Our recent archeological visit started in St. Saba monastery, known in the Byzantine period as the great Laura of Saint Saba. more
Yeshiva School Guided Visit of the Yeshiva School: Today the STS offered to its students a wonderful occasion to visit the Yeshiva school situated in the Kibbutz called Ma’ale Gilboa in southern Galilee. Dr. Marcie Lenk facilitated the visit. It was a unique and rare meeting between Catholic Students and Yeshiva more
Al-Aqsa Mosque "Al-Aqsa Mosque: Islamic Theology and Hashemite Custodianship": Prof. Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway is the first holder of the Integral Chair for the Study of Imam Al-Ghazali's Work at the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds University (HM King Abdullah II Endowment). more
AE Archaeological Excursion to Masada and Tel Arad: This year we are focussing on the area of Dead Sea in the archaeological excursions and our November excursion was really interesting. Visiting Masada and Tel Arad was an enriching experience among all the other activities at STS Jerusalem Campus. more
Friendly Match ISRAEL MUSEUM - Model of Herodian Jerusalem, Shrine of the Book: The new students of STS had an opportunity to visit the Israel Museum during another topographical visit under the guidance of Dr Leopold Vonck, M.Afr. On the way, before reaching the museum, he showed us the valley where the tree of the cross had grown and where later the ancient Monastery of the cross was more
Friendly Match STS FRIENDLY MATCH WITH BETHLEHEM ORATORY TEAM: It was joy and fun at Beit Jala seminary soccer stadium as STS soccer team for the first time since it was officially constituted faced the Bethlehem Oratory team. The friendly match was organized by Fr. Vincent Raj John Bosco, the director of the Salesian oratory in Bethlehem. Everybody was excited and ready as the match kicked off at 6.30pm. more
Archeological Excursion STUDY TRIP TO GALILEE: On Thursday, October 13, 2016, early in the morning all twelve first-year students with Fr. Karol Kulpa, sdb, Fr. Aloysius, the rector of the Jerusalem community of the Missionaries of Africa and Fr. Aloysius SJ, a Jesuit priest, set out on a study trip to more
Archeological Excursion Archeological Excursion Caesarea Maritima: An indispensable part of studying at the STS Jerusalem Campus is discovering the Biblical sites through regular archeological visits. Today we visited an important port-city Caesarea Maritima. It is situated 50 km north from Tel- Aviv with a wonderful geographical location. more
Football STS Football Tournament: The STS football tournament was held at the Armenian quarter in the southwest corner of the Old City in Jerusalem. The quarter is like a small city. It consists of the St. James Armenian Convent and the adjacent residential neighbourhood, schools, public social institutions, residences and historical more
Dome of the Rock Visit to the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque: In line with the “Islam focus” of STS this academic year, which aims to grow in our understanding of Islamic faith, culture and architecture, we visited the third most sacred place of Islam, called in Arabic Haram al-Sharif meaning “the Noble sanctuary”. more
DIES ACADEMICUS DIES ACADEMICUS 2016-2017: On October 8, 2016 Salesian Pontifical University – Jerusalem Campus held the annual Dies Academicus. Rev. Prof. Francis Moloney SDB, S.T.D., D.Phil (Oxon), D. Univ (ACU), world renowned author and scripture scholar, Professorial Fellow at Australian Catholic University, Former Dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies at Catholic University of America, delivered the Lectio Magistralis on “The Word of God, Jesus Christ, and the Eucharist. Christian Hope in a Secularized World”. more
Prof. Francis Moloney ANNOUNCING LECTIO MAGISTRALIS BY REV. PROF. FRANCIS MOLONEY: Renowned scholar and speaker, Rev. Prof. Francis Moloney is in Jerusalem to deliver the lectio magistralis on the occasion of the Dies Academicus of the Salesian Pontifical University’s Jerusalem Campus. more
Prof. Francis Moloney MASS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: Today the students and teachers of the various Theological institutes of Jerusalem gathered for the Mass of the Holy Spirit to invoke the blessings of God on the new academic year. more
Prof. Francis Moloney Prof. Francis Moloney speaks on “The Literary and Theological Role of John 13-17 within the Johannine Narrative”: Prof. Moloney approached these five chapters of John’s Gospel with two different methods, with historical- critical and with the narrative criticism. more
Excursion First Archeological Excursion: With the invocation of the Guardian Angels, we the STS students and staff members set out for the first Archeological Excursion of the year. Ramallah, Beth El, Shilo and Taybeh were the places we visited. In the morning, we entered the territory of the Palestinian Ramallah, historically an Arab Christian town located in the central West Bank. more
Synagogue Visit to the Yshurun Synagogue and Shalom Hartman Institute: On 28th September 2016, afternoon the new students of the STS had a chance to visit Yeshurun Central Synagogue and Shalom Hartman Institute. more
Induction A TOPOGRAPHICAL VISIT TO THE MOUNT OF OLIVES: On this day after the Opening Ceremony of the New Academic year of the Studium Theologicum Salesianum (STS) Jerusalem Campus of the Salesian Pontifical University, the new students had the opportunity once again for another visit to some of the Holy places in Jerusalem. This time, the focus was on the Mount of Olives where we were met by Rev. Fr. Pol Vonck M. Afr., who took us round and exposed us to some important archaeological sites. more
Induction OPENING OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-2017: To you Lord we come to seek for Wisdom! Today 14th September 2016, the Studium Theologicum Salesianum (STS) Jerusalem Campus of the Salesian Pontifical University opened its door for a New Academic Year. The summer holidays have ended and we return to our student’s life to study Theology in the Land of our Lord Jesus himself. more
Induction Assembly of the Teaching Staff: The members of the STS Teaching Staff gathered at 9.30am. After a prayer led by Fr Stephen Kuncherakatt sdb, the Minutes were read by Sr Angela Ridout sja, Registrar. more

Mass in the Holy Sepulchre & Registration of new students: On the morning of Monday September 12, 2016, the new students of the Salesian Pontifical University Faculty of Theology Jerusalem campus met just before 7am outside the sacristy of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We prepared to celebrate the Holy Mass at one of the holiest sites in the entire world, the very tomb where Jesus Christ was laid and resurrected. more

Induction VISIT TO THE HOLY SEPULCHER: On Saturday the 10th of September the new students, just arrived at Jerusalem, had their first Topographical Visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, or also known among the Greeks as the Anastasis (Resurrection), together with Dr. Leopold Vonck, Chief Museum Director of the Missionaries of Africa and STS more
Induction INDUCTION PROGRAMME FOR NEW STUDENTS: Today the new theology students of the Salesian Pontifical University, Faculty of Theology –Jerusalem Campus had their induction programme at the STS Academic Suite. Rev. Dr Biju Michael, SDB, STS President welcomed the new students and introduced to the assembly the speaker of the more
Graduation The Conclusion of the Academic Year 2015-2016: On 4th June 2016 STS had the official conclusion of the academic year 2015-2016. We began at 11.00 am in the Don Bosco Hall. The occasion was graced with the presence of His Excellency Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto, the Apostolic Nuncio & Delegate to Jerusalem, Israel. more
Luca De Muro Deacon John Christopher Lourduswamy Defends His Baccalaureate Thesis: On the morning of June 1, 2016, Deacon John Christopher Lourduswamy defended his Bachelor of Theology thesis, entitled, “The Word of God as Revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures and Incarnated in the New Testament leads and empowers the Church in her more
Luca De Muro Deacon Luca De Muro defends his Baccalaureate Thesis: On June 1st Deacon Luca De Muro successfully passed the Baccalaureate Exam and became a Bachelor of Theology. The topic of his thesis was: “God and the Human Being, a continuous dialogue.” His tutor was Fr. David Neuhaus and the reader Fr. Matthew Coutinho. more
Deacon Clarence Kharmawlong Deacon Kharmawlong Graduates as Bachelor of Theology: On the morning of the 31 May 2016, the feast of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, Deacon Clarence Kharmawlong defended his theses "God became man so that man could become the son of God” (Athanasius). The incarnation reveals the Holy Trinity's project of eternal love for humanity and in Christ manifests the model of a new human being.” more
Deacon Tomasz Karol Sage Deacon Sage Defends His Baccalaureate Synthesis:On May 31st, Deacon Tomasz Karol Sage successfully passed the Baccalaureate Exam and became a Bachelor of Theology. The topic of his thesis was: “No one is more human than Christ. Humanity and its vocation in the light of Christ who is the image of the Father, the centre of creation and the perfect human.” His tutor was William Russel and the reader Karol Kulpa. more
Carmel Myrthong Carmel Myrthong earns Bachelor Degree in Theology: In a packed examination hall in the Jerusalem Campus of the Salesian Pontifical University, Deacon Carmel Myrthong from India successfully completed his final Baccalaureate more
St. Elizabeth NEW BOOKLET TRANSLATED BY STUDIUM THEOLOGICUM SALESIANUM: The Booklet, edited by Former Patriarch His Beatitude Michel Sabbah and Rev. Fr. Pier Giorgio Gianazza has now been translated into English. Its publication coincides with the date of St Elizabeth’s Canonization in Rome by Pope Francis, on 5th June 2016.. more
Mercy Without Boundaries

Ecumenical Visit to the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem: On April 26 2016, the third and fourth year students pursuing the Diploma in Interreligious Dialogue and Ecumenism, were led by Fr. William Russell, the teaching coordinator, on a visit to the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem. more

Mercy Without Boundaries

The STS Football Tournament: After many nail-biting moments and tough battles, the ‘Matthew’ Team was victorious in the STS football tournament, obtaining nine winning points. Hervé, the team captain, scored five goals in an outstanding more

Mercy Without Boundaries ARCHEOLOGICAL EXCURSION: On 21 April 2016 the students of STS – Jerusalem, set out on their final Archeological Excursion of the year. For this excursion the students and staff members went to four different places. In the morning they travelled to Neot Kedumim, a nature preserve that has many plants, flowers and trees from biblical more
Mercy Without Boundaries Topographical Visit to the City of David: Once again, the first year students and some from the other year groups enjoyed a Topographical Visit to a very ancient city of David’s Jerusalem close to the Temple Mount. In Psalm 122:3, this city is mentioned: “Jerusalem built up, a city knit together” more
Mercy Without Boundaries STUDY TRIP TO JORDAN: Day 4 - from Petra, back to Jerusalem. After three wonderful days experiencing some of Jordan’s important sites including, Pella, Jerash, the Citadel of Amman, the Baptismal site, Kerak, Madaba, Mount Nebo, the place of the Execution of John the Baptist (Machaerus) and Petra, on the fourth day we set out on our return journey back to more
Mercy Without Boundaries STUDY TRIP TO JORDAN: Day 3 - from Amman Through Kerak to Petra. At 7:30 a.m. the STS students left from Amman to Kerak (Karak), a city in Jordan known for its Crusader castle, the Kerak Castle. They reached the Castle around 8:30 a.m. and explored it for an hour together helped by the explanation of the more
Mercy Without Boundaries STUDY TRIP TO JORDAN: Day 2 - from Amman Citadel to Mukawir. In a friendly atmosphere, on the early morning of the 30th March 2016 during our study trip in Jordan, we visited the Citadel of Amman. Our guide gave a rich description about the citadel, the city of many residential units, which were mostly set aside for use by those engaged in the more
Mercy Without Boundaries STUDY TRIP TO JORDAN: Day 1 - from Jerusalem to Amman. On the morning of March 29 at 6:30am, the students of the STS gathered outside to board a bus that would take them to the Jordanian border. The bus departed shortly after 06:45am and the trip to the border was about two more
Mercy Without Boundaries Jewish Childhood in the Roman World of Jesus: History does not know any man who has not lived belonging to a particular culture, even Jesus of Nazareth: therefore the study of the cultural environment of the historical Jesus helps us to better understand his humanity, the raw material of his more
STS Newsletter
Mercy Without Boundaries

Mercy Without Boundaries: On the 10 March 2016, the Studium Theologicum Salesianum (STS), Jerusalem Campus of the Salesian Pontifical University was privileged to host the conference on “MERCY WITHOUT BOUNDARIES” in celebration of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. more

Temple Mount

Topographical visit to Temple Mount and the Jerusalem Archaeological Park: On 3rd of March 2016, the 1st year students of STS had their Topographical Visit tothe Temple Mount and the Jerusalem Archaeological Park.We were given a detailed introduction and history of the site by Rev. Dr. Pol Vonck,M.Afr. Chief Museum Director of the Missionaries of Africa. more

Violence in Religious Texts

Dealing with the Challenge of Violence in Religious Text : Wednesday, 24th of February was for the STS community a day of another lecture on Judaism. This time, our guest speaker was French born, Jewish scholar Daniel Frederic Gandus, involved in dialogue with Christianity. more

World Council of Churches’ General Secretary at STS World Council of Churches’ General Secretary at STS:

Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches delivered a Conference to the STS community in Jerusalem. more

TOPOGRAPHICAL VISIT TO MOUNT ZION TOPOGRAPHICAL VISIT TO MOUNT ZION: It was around 8.45 of 11th February 2016 when we, the first year students of the STS, started the Topographical Visit with our guide, Fr. Paul Vonck. We visited several places including St. Peter in Gallicantu, The Tomb of David, the Cenacle or Upper Room and Dormition more
Archeological Excursion Archeological Excursion: Once upon a time there was a young man, handsome and young, who, with only one swoop of a sling, shot down a giant of huge proportions. At this point, everyone will have already figured out of whom I am talking about! The biblical account of the battle between David and Goliath, between the cunning and the strong, between the outsider and the champion,was in fact the highlight of the first archaeological excursion, more
OPENING OF SECOND SEMESTER OPENING OF SECOND SEMESTER: On the morning of February 1, the students and faculty of the STS gathered to open the second semester. Deacon Tomek Sage, the Student Representative of the STS began with a moment of prayer and invited Br. Lam Dang, SDB to lead a hymn invoking the Holy Spirit to guide the STS for the coming more
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