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  Negev Excursion  
Yesterday the students of Ratisbonne embarked on their first archeological excursion of the year: exploring the Negev. The Negev is one of the most unique historical and geographical regions in the Holy Land. The word itself means "desert" - but not in the sense of utter barrenness, but in the sense of the beauty of simple sparseness.

The first part of the visit was to see the site of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion's tomb on the kibbutuz of Sde Boquer. The tomb is above a richly picturesque landscape of desert.

The next location was the climb up the mountain formation of Ein Avdat.

In the same region as the climb exists former cities of the Nabateans, Romans and Byzantines. All within the same rock formation existed fortresses, churches, houses, in the same geological locale.

One of the most striking spots was the erosion made valley of the Maktesh Ramon. With 42 km in breadth it is marvelous witness to the power of nature and the vitality (this region, so apparently barren is full of flora and fauna). One naturalist guide indicated this to the group with his explanation of porcupines and snakes of the Maktesh.
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