Eric John Wyckoff, SDB, S.S.D.

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Academic Council

Fr. Eric joined the STS faculty in 2012. A Salesian of Don Bosco since 1982 and a priest since 1993, he holds a licentiate degree from the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome) and doctorate degrees from Barry University (Miami) and the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (Jerusalem). He began teaching at Salesian high schools in 1986 and on the university level in 1999. Among his research interests are the Gospel of John, narrative criticism, and the NT use of Scripture.


John 4:1–42 among the Biblical Well Encounters: Pentateuchal and Johannine Narrative Reconsidered. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament II 542. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2020.

“Narrative Art and Theological Meaning: Johannine Stylistic Features in John 4:1–42.” Liber Annuus Studium Biblicum Franciscanum 70 (2020): 137–65.

“When Does Translation Become Exegesis? Exodus 24:9–11 in the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 74 (2012): 675–93.


  • Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles
  • Johannine Writings
  • Pauline and Apostolic Letters
  • Canon, Inspiration, and Hermeneutics
  • Biblical Greek 1, 2
  • Homiletics
  • Seminar: Methodologies for Biblical Exegesis
  • Seminar: Theological Synthesis