On the morning of 5 June 2020, the summer session of Baccalaureate exams came to an end. By the authority of the Holy See and on behalf of the Academic Authorities of the Salesian Pontifical University, the last three students were declared “Bachelor in Theology:” Miguel Ángel CONDO SOTO, John LANGAN, and André MATTNER NEUHAUS.

Following the second procedure considered in the STS Regulations, on Monday 1 June the candidates completed a first written examination on one of the set of themes yearly approved by the Academic Council. In the day’s second appointment, they sat for an oral examination of 60 minutes duration, during which they answered the questions presented by the members of the Commission: Rev. Drs. Gustavo Cavagnari, SDB, Andrzej Toczyski, SDB, and William Russell, M.Afr.

The STS congratulate them for obtaining the Pontifical Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and pray for their future pastoral service as ordained ministers.

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