There is always a joy in starting afresh in any rewarding activity. Yesterday, with great joy and excitement, professors and students of the Studium Theologicum Salesianum (STS), Jerusalem Campus, Faculty of Theology, Salesian Pontifical University, experienced the opening of the new Academic Year, 2021-2022 through the celebration of a Holy Mass presided over by Rev. Fr. Prof. David Neuhaus, SJ. The Principal of the Institute, Rev. Fr. Prof. Andrzej Toczyski, SDB welcomed all professors and students, and thanked them for their numerous services to the STS.

It was a new beginning that saw the exchange of refresh ideas and fraternal welcome along the corridors of the Institute. Also, during the Eucharistic celebration, the Professors present made their renewal of their faith in Christ and the teachings of Mother Church.

The participants were reminded that, the Word of God should be known and shared among people for His kingdom. This should be done voluntarily but with a kind and loving heart, says Fr. David. He continued by saying, we are back to continue working on this Church project of building God’s kingdom. Indeed, studying Sacred Theology in Jerusalem is an opportunity for students to seize the chances that are available through their learning experience in the Holy Land, so that through it more graces may be obtained and the Church may shine in living Christ’s message which always calls us (Christians) to be the light to others. As Christians, the faith that we profess is meant to be lived and practiced and the studying of theology should be accompanied with great love. Let us continue to keep our hope and love in God, the goodness par excellence and the source of all that is good as we envision having a successful Academic Year at STS.

- Amani Amadeus, SDB

September 20, 2021

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