STS DAY 2021

This was indeed a day that will now definitely find its place in the history of Studium
Theologicum Salesianum, Jerusalem Campus. The event had been preceded by a bundle of
uncertainties, confusions and ambiguities as to how the event would turn out, but the planning and
organizing committee had done their preparatory job so well in foreseeing a day that would be set
apart from the regular and monotonous theological classes. They looked for a day that would be
fully packed with jubilation, exuberance and lively presentation of various cultures from different
continents. The beauty of the College rests in its variety and diversity of different cultures, of
different ethnicities, of different values and mentalities, but all united as one in Christ. Hence, this
diversity had to find its way to express itself through the hidden talents of the students who were
looking for a suitable platform. And that wonderful day it was!

Truly an unforgettable day, 1 st of March, 2021, the very first “STS DAY” was celebrated
with much enthusiasm. The day brought to reality the vision of our efficient and creative Principal,
Fr. Andrzej Toczyski and the excellent administration of Sr. Angela, the Registrar of our college.
We certainly cannot forget the whole-hearted cooperation and decision of the Academic Council to
allow this programme to take place. They deserve our appreciation. For the event, everyone came
with his or her very special costume in different colours and style. One could obviously notice how
each one felt connected to his or her own specific culture and country. The audience cherished and
appreciated what they witnessed, the performers on the stage were enthused by the energy and
ambient created by the audience and the organizers. The countenance of everyone was lit with a
glow of sheer joy and happiness. The experience shall remain etched in the memory lane of every

The programme commenced with a beautiful prayer led by Deacon Lenny, followed by an
apt welcome speech delivered by the student representative, Br. Cornelius. After this, the
programme kick-started with events one after another, such as singing, dance, music, drama and
video presentations of various cultures from different countries. Every performance and
presentation had depth and creativity in it and so, the audience was kept enthralled and animated
throughout programme. The guests, professors and students did not realize that they sat at a stretch
for almost two hours. This proved that the event that looked initially uncertain was such a great
success. The programme ended with a vote of thanks, given by the Principal of STS.

But that was not the end! The Principal, along with his core team, had arranged a sumptuous
buffet for all the guests, professors and students. All enjoyed the lunch and fellowship with a sense
of joy and accomplishment. The day came to a happy end with volleyball and basketball games.
Practically all the students participated and the professors were around cheering the players.
The investment made for such a day never goes unproductive. To the students, it gave rise
to a definitive and certain future of hopes, initiatives and dreams.

-Robinson Gigh sdb

March 1 , 2021

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