Dear Staff and Students,

It is very hot in Jerusalem these days, so I put on a t-shirt that a friend gave me last summer, and then, one of our students noticed the beautiful message on it - the words of Nelson Mandela: It always seems impossible until is done. Although coined in different socio-historical circumstances, it still carries a timeless truth: Things often seem impossible until they are done.

It seemed impossible to finish the previous academic year 2019-2020 because of the crisis caused by Covid 19. Nevertheless, thanks to the untiring efforts of our previous Principal Fr. Gustavo Cavagnari, the Secretary Sr Angela Ridout, the teaching staff and students, it was successfully accomplished.

At a certain point this summer, it seemed almost impossible that we would begin the new academic year on time, and now we are on the threshold of regular classes in the next week. We begin our classes with the First Year on the “hybrid learning” model and all others will have face-to-face classes (unless otherwise specified).

I think this reminds us of an evangelical attitude for we are asked to have firm hope in God’s providence, and at the same time to work effortlessly and explore new frontiers.

Dear Staff and Students I am happy to welcome each one of you to the new Academic Year 2020-2021 at STS (Jerusalem Campus)

Fr. Andrzej Toczyski SDB

The Principal STS

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