November 21 2019 - STS - Jerusalem In the afternoon of 21st November 2019, the long-awaited first annual event of the STS Soccer Tournament was successfully conducted at the sports compound located behind the Burj al-Laqlaq tower in the Old City.

The game, held from 14.00 until 16.30, was a good and joyful moment of recreation and sharing amongst the students, and a great opportunity for them to build camaraderie and fellowship. A particular mention must be made of the attendance of the SHS Sisters, who sat throughout in support of their classmates’ skills.

After three matches full of exciting moments and some balls lost beyond the walls, the STS cup was given to the Lavigerie team. Congratulations!

It's a team game, so is life.
A goal is no accident.
The champions of the day.
Our unity won the day

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