The final year students of STS, finally presented their syntheses which marks the culmination of their academic studies and 4 fruitful years at STS.

The syntheses presentations began on the 27th of May and ended on the 7th of June.

    27th May

Joaquim Belito - Christ’s Resurrection: Foundation of the Christian Faith and Life and the Driving Force of the Church’s Mission

Cornelius U-sayee - Integral Justice, Salvation in Christ and the Christian Way of Life

    30th May

Isac Kinda - Jesus Christ: Reconciler of Humanity with God the Father and Salvation through the Christian Life

Thierry Uyirwoth - Missionary witness to Christ in today's world

Chima Agbo - Creation and Salvation: The Origin and Eternal Destiny of the Human Person

    31st May

Matteo Vignola - Christ's Kenosis and Exaltation at the heart of our Salvation

Audace Niyibigira - The Divine Mission and Human Participation in the Salvation Won for us by Christ

Vlastimil Vajdak - Oral presentation

    1st June

Gianluca Villa - Chosen in Christ to share in his Glory

Francis Hiuhu - The Unconditional Self-giving of the Trinity in the Paschal Mystery and the Church’s Discipleship

Prabhu Jesumani - God’s Unconditional Love for His People, Revealed Through Jesus Christ by His Words and Deeds

    2nd June

Warayut Charoenphoom - The Christian Vocation to Holiness and its Fulfillment in Life and Liturgy

Nguyen Manh Hung - The Divine Sonship of Jesus at the Centre of the Church’s Faith, Life and Mission

    3rd June

Pham The Hien - Human Love Redeemed and Elevated by the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ.

Edwar Gobran - The Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven: The Pilgrim Church and Her Eschatological Fulfillment

    6th June

Nelson Mwale - Marriage and the Family in the Mystery of Redemption and in the Church’s Witness to the World

Nguyen Trung Hieu - God’s Plan for Human Life in the Salvation of the Universe

    7th June

Sathish J. Antony Raj - Christ – the Icon of God: The Relationship Between the Visible and the Invisible in Christian Life and Worship

Raju Morcha - The Fulfilment of the Scriptures by Jesus Christ and the Proclamation of the Good News for the Salvation of All

We wish the final year students as they embark on their journey to the priesthood.

9th June, 2022

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