Leonard Carlino, SDB

13 December 2017 – STS – Jerusalem On a pleasant Wednesday afternoon, the STS welcomed Mr. Dan Koski, Communications Director of Tantur Ecumenical Institute. Mr Koski’s conference was entitled “Christian Narratives within Popular Devotion of Saints: In Search of St. George”.

In the conference, Mr. Koski gave a hypothetical biography of St George as well as his history of veneration within the Orthodox Christian Church and Muslim traditions. Of interest was the identity of St George as a point of union between these two faith traditions. The Speaker went on to describe the iconographic traditions of depiction of St George and the spread of devotion to him in the modern period, particularly in the Holy Land.

Originally from Minnesota, Mr. Koski joined Tantur Institute after several years in the region. He is involved in Marketing and Administration responsibilities at Tantur, helping other staff members with various tasks and programs. He is the co-author of “Celebrating St. George in the Holy Land” in The Holy Land Review 10/3 (2016).

The STS puts on such conferences regularly, and the students and faculty look forward to many such eye opening experiences in the coming Spring Semester.

Dan Koski is Communications Director of Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem

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