STS DAY 2022

Tuesday, 1st March, the students of Studium Theologicum Salesianum (STS) change their classroom benches to a stage and sports playground to celebrate STS DAY 2022. It was a special day to express their talents and cultural diversity.

In the first part of the morning program, the students and a good number of teaching staff gathered together in Don Bosco Hall. Various groups and individuals prepared a multicultural program to present their own culture and to celebrate being together in Jerusalem. On the program included different songs, dances, presentation of food, and skits about interculturality. In this variety, it was touching to see the interest of each of the present participants engaged to perform and to support others.

After a short break and refreshment, the second part of the program was outside on the playground. The main sports activity was volleyball and basketball. It was obvious to see that amongst the students of STS Jerusalem there are many not only gifted for theological studies, but at the same time, who are gifted for different sports. The games passed in a joyful and fair-play spirit with mutual respect.

With the celebration of STS DAY 2022, the students and teaching staff, who come from various countries and continents, show us how is it possible to be united in their faith and to enrich one another with their different cultures backgrounds and talents. An event like this encouraged by the Academic council and the student representative, continues to promote enthusiasm and thus maintains the family spirit in STS Jerusalem.

Ivan Dvoraček SDB

March 1, 2022

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